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This is a HUGE subject to cover in one blog post so I’m going to start with an overview and will cover specifics in other blog posts. Hopefully this will give you an idea of whether owning your own set of crystals is for you. Of course it’s not for everyone, but if you’re drawn to crystals and want to find out more, read on...

I can’t remember exactly when my attraction to crystals began but I know when it grew. We moved to Italy in 2009 (for 3 years) and I began making jewellery as a hobby. I had such a connection to semi precious stones and began finding out about them, but at this time my intuition became stronger. I just felt like I was at the beginning of a journey to finding out who I really was. I had battled with my identity growing up and gone through a few phases of being someone I really wasn’t deep down, but working with crystals felt like coming home. That’s the only way I can describe it.

When we moved to Scotland in 2012 (which is where my husband is from originally), life kind of pushed me off the ‘finding myself’ track for a while but my true self continued to call to me from deep down. I would feel a massive urge to buy a crystal and would have it next to my bed in my handbag and even my bra (if you own crystals you'll get this!), I was fascinated by them in all different shapes, sizes and colours but I didn’t buy most of the ones I was attracted to because I was at a loss as to what to do with them. I didn’t want to make jewellery anymore but I still needed them in my life.

I remember being drawn to a small amethyst cluster and looking online the meaning of amethyst and what I found blew me away! Amethyst is a form of quartz and is really good for addictions, anxiety and stress and spiritual awareness. It’s a very soothing and protective stone. Everything I needed in that moment. And it was like it was screaming out to me to be a part of my life.

The next stone I was attracted to was a sphere of Orange Calcite. The second I held it in my hand I felt a wave of joy and happiness wash over me and I started giggling and tears formed in my eyes. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I looked up the meaning of the stone and one of the benefits of orange calcite it it’s ability to promote happiness and it’s a huge energy amplifier. I had to have this stone!

I loved the way the Calcite made me feel just holding it and rolling it in my hand made me happy. It helped get me through some states of depression I was experiencing time to time and it felt like a friend to me, supporting me.

One really strange thing about crystals is that they have a way of disappearing after you no longer need them, and this is what happened to my orange calcite sphere. I put it out under the full moon one night and in the morning it had gone. All my other crystals were still there but this one (the heaviest one and not possible for a bird to have carried it away) had gone. I was devastated! But I had been calling on it less and less and I believe it was time for it to move on. Part of me hoped I would come across it in the garden one day but it’s never appeared. I hope whoever found it loves it as much as I did!

I’ve always used my intuition when buying crystals, I buy crystals and then look up the meaning AFTER I bring it home. This is important when choosing a crystal. It chooses you, you don’t chose the crystal. If someone buys the crystal for you as a gift, that crystal made its way to you even though you didn’t choose it yourself so that’s fine too.

So you have your first crystal or collection of crystals. What now?

You should ALWAYS clear your crystal of any energies it has been holding on to by other people and places. Crystals hold on to energy and let that energy out so you don’t want to be affected by other people’s negative energy.

Ways to cleanse and charge your crystals:


Sound works particularly well for cleansing crystals because of the way the sound waves resonate with crystal energy vibrations. I like to use a sound bowl which I also use to cleanse the energy of my therapy room as well as my clients while they are on the bed when they are getting crystal healing therapy. Sound is a quick and easy way of cleansing energy and it doesn’t smell like some other methods.

Smudge sticks/ Palo Santo wood

These you briefly light on fire and then you blow out the flame and let the smoke surround the crystal or any area you need cleansed. This is a beautiful ritual, the down side is that sage especially smells very strong and I accidentally set our smoke alarm off once!


Sunlight is a nice way to cleanse crystals, especially those crystals that resonate with this warm, masculine energy. Crystals that are red, orange and yellow love the sun’s energy rays. Warning: some crystals can fade in sunlight so do your research as to which can and can’t sun bath.

Sunlight will also charge your crystal with it’s energy which is why red, orange and yellow stones love the sun, they resonate beautifully with its energy.


The cool feminine energies of the moon feel so calming and cleansing and I like to place my crystals out at night under the full moon. This is because I love working with feminine energy myself. I also like to create ‘moon water’ by bottling the water I leave out under the moon.

Moonlight will also charge your crystals with its energy filling your crystal with beautiful calming feminine energy. Stones that love this are selenite, moon stone, opal and labradorite. The great thing about using the energy of the moon is that the energy lasts a day either side of the full moon and it doesn't matter if it's cloudy.

Warning: Just be sure to cover the crystals in a clear lidded jar if it's raining.

Other crystals

Some crystals actually cleanse other crystals. Selenite is a powerful cleanser and I place any crystals I’m going to use in my healing, straight on to my selenite slab after sound cleansing to keep them super fresh for my clients. Crystals that cleanse others will need to be cleansed themselves but they can be a good way to do a quick in between cleanse like the way I use the selenite before using them on a client. That way the crystals remain cleansed right up until I’m about to use them on a client. Then just before I see the client, I charge the crystals as and how I need them to work for me and my client.


You can hold most crystals into a natural stream which can be a peaceful ritual if you so happen to have a natural stream near by, or for ease you can hold your crystals under running tap water however this may need to be done more frequently.

Warning: some crystals must never be submerged into water because they can begin to dissolve. These are crystals that are softer especially crystals like selenite. Please do your research before placing crystals in water.


Visualisation is another quick way to cleanse your crystals and works with any crystal. It just takes a little practice if you are a beginner. You hold your crystal in the palm of your hand and visualise a bright white light surrounding it. Let this light smother your crystal and visualise it cleaning and drawing out negativity.

Visualisation is a great way to charge crystals. You visualise the intention you want to set so the crystals energies can help you for maximum impact.

If you want to get the very best out of your crystals, you must cleanse AND charge them regularly.

Used correctly they can be a very powerful tool and companion.

Any questions please leave me a comment below:

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