What Spirituality Means To Me

As I grew up I started to question the meaning of life as you do, and I was drawn to nature. I noticed how much nature gives, it starts giving from the moment it forms. It’s truly wondrous. I just couldn’t believe that there was absolutely nothing bigger than us in this powerful universe.

I’d always had an attraction to crystals (see my previous blog post on crystals), which added to my attraction to nature as a whole. I felt a calling but didn’t know what I was feeling or how to go about anything. Luckily the answer came to me as the years went by. It happened so slowly It’s hard to say exactly when things changed for me, but I began to get clarity on lots of issues. As my appreciation for nature grew, so did my calling.

I joined Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic as an independent consultant and started to work with essential oils. I discovered via my own studies that essential oils can not only heal the body, but also the aura! My next calling was to become a holistic therapist and seeing the transformation of my clients through the use of essential oils not only on their skin but their well-being too, I knew I had to continue learning.

I got my diploma in crystal healing and was blown away at the amazing healing properties of crystals and the fact they possess a quality known as piezoelectric charge. This means when they are rubbed or knocked they build up an electrical charge within them. Stones you find in your back garden do not have the ability to do this which is what makes crystals special. This electric charge is why quartz crystals are used in watch mechanics to this day! This electrical charge affects our own energy vibrations thus aiding healing.

All these things I learnt first hand deepened my trust and belief that there was indeed something bigger at play in the universe. I knew that if I was to learn more, I needed to quiet down and try to just listen. Listen for my intuition to make itself know.

I attended holistic fairs and met some truly amazing people. I was blown away that there were others out there like me that are drawn to working with nature and connecting to something bigger than themselves (although we are all Divine beings, we are just living a human experience).

If I had to choose one aspect of spirituality that gets me through the day, it’s got to be meditation and prayer. Connecting to my higher power takes away all my anxiety in the moment. I feel pure love and non judgement and this is the energy I project onto my clients in my energy healing. The crystals I use are a tool, a gift from the universe grown on Earth to help us with our human experience. I do believe they must be obtained and used ethically as taking too much from the Earth creates unbalance which we all know about.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my spiritual beliefs and how I use my spirituality to do good in the world and for my clients. We are all spiritual beings, learning how to be human and everything that is involved with being human. At the end of the day, love your fellow man/woman no matter what they believe.

Blessings to you all xxx

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