Set of 3 pictures of the 3 moon phases, waxing, full moon and waning moon, also known as the Triple Goddess. These can be sold individually however as a set you save 10%

If you would like one made up as an individual piece please email me at

The set you would recieve would be the one pictured.


Amethyst is a very spiritual crystal. It resonates with the crown and third eye chakra and is known as a master healer. It rarely, if ever, needs cleansing however I still like to as I think it gives it a nice boost of energy and reminds me to connect with it every now and then especially if I have been a little preoccupied. 

Amethyst is calming and soothing, a natural sleep aid and can help banish bad dreams so it's a good crystal to have in the bedroom. It's a great all round healer and great in any space. 


The crescent moons both contain a rainbow moonstone and the full moon contains selenite. All have a layer of rainbow moonstone around the outer edge. 


Each frame dimention is:

  • Height: 37.5cm
  • Width: 30.5cm
  • Depth: 2.7cm

Amethyst Triple Moon Art

  • The crystals have been infused with positive affirmations and charged with positive energies which will continue to work inside your home for as long as you have the picture. The crystals will need cleansed every now and then so that they work to their full potential. The best way to do this is with sound vibrations. Simply play a bell or singing bowl (you could even play a track from the internet) for 5 minutes close to the picture. Do this once a month or as and when the energies in your home become stagnant or you need a boost. To clean your picture, dust lightly with a feather duster or gentle brush once in a while. 

    **Please keep the picture away from children as it contains small parts that could cause a choking hazard if broken off. Also The picture and frame are fragile.**

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