We see spirals everywhere in nature, from shells, weather patterns, plants etc and represent the very beginning of life, spiralling out increasing in size and power. That is the energy of this grid. Do you have something special you would like to manifest? Focused spiral energy vortexes are very powerful when set with specific intentions.


Focus stone: Ammonite fossil (learn from past mistakes, activate kundalini energy, health, wealth and happiness)

First section: Red garnet (energising and regenerative, balances emotional disharmony)

Second section: Citrine (Abundance, luck, emotional clarity, success)

Third section: Rainbow moonstone (new beginnings, patience, mental balance)

Fourth section: Rose quartz (Unconditional love for self and others, forgiveness of self and others, compassion for self and others, deep heart healing)

Fifth section: Clear quartz (master healer and energy amplifier)

**Hand drawn flower of life sacred geometry **


Grey wood effect frame

Overall product specification:

Height: 33.2cm

Width: 33.2cm

Depth: 3.2cm

Wall hanging only

'New beginnings' framed crystal grid

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