'Yoni' is a Sanskrit word that traslates to womb space. It is a sacred scace in the female anatamy where we hold power. Whether or not we have a physical uterus or not, it's the energetic space that is important here. It is our area of creation. A healthy Yoni is a powerful and peaceful mind, body and spirit. Being born in what is still a predominantly patriarchal society, it's important women today experience a yoni cleansing and healing so that we break the cycle for ourselves and future generations.


Inner stone: Rose Quartz (Unconditional love for self, self compassion and forgivness, learning to trust again)

First triangle: Red garnet (healing ancestral trauma, romantic love, intimacy, healthy sexuality, sensuality, self confidence)

Connection stones: Rose quartz

Outer Triangle: Tigers eye (Protection, personal empowerment, grounding, courage), Moonstone (Childbirth, new beginnings, balancing hormones, regulating cycles, nurturing, ancient wisdom), Citrine (creativity, pleasure, strength, truth, alignment, warmth, joy), Garnet and Rose quartz.


**Hand drawn double inverted triangle sacred geometry**

Grey wood effect frame

Overall product specification:

  • Height: 33.2cm
  • Width: 33.2cm
  • Depth: 3.2cm

'Yoni' Framed crystal grid

  • The grid has been infused with positive affirmations and charged with positive energies which will continue to work inside your home for as long as you have the grid. The grid will need cleansed every now and then so that it continues to work to its full potential. The best way to do this with a framed grid is with sound vibrations. Simply play a bell or singing bowl (you could even play a track from the internet) for 5 minutes close to the grid. Do this once a month or as and when the energies in your home become stagnant or you need a boost. To clean your grid, dust lightly with a feather duster or gentle brush once in a while. 

    **Please keep the grid away from children as the grid contains small parts that could cause a choking hazard if broken off. Also The grid and frame are fragile.**

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